Latest HTC Windows Phones and SIII Mini release dates

Come close. Closer. Closer still. Phew.. have you been eating onions?

Anyway, we’ve got some news about the phones we’ve covered recently. First, the Android-powered Galaxy SIII Mini. The 4″ version of the SIII has a bit less power (dual core 1GHz CPU) and a slightly reduced camera (5 megapixel) but, if the size is to your liking then the white version will arrive on November 8th. The blue version will arrive around November 23rd.

Meanwhile, if Windows Phone 8 is your thing, we’ve heard that the Windows Phone 8X by HTC will arrive on November 2nd and the Windows Phone 8S by HTC will arrive on November 15th.

These dates are for the SIM-free versions from our buddies at Expansys.