Ask us a question for our podcast – Episode 19

What a hectic week it’s been news wise. We’ve had Microsoft Surface pre-orders appear from nowhere, we’ve had notification of an Apple event for the rumoured iPad Mini and we’ve had a huge new phone from HTC Japan.

We will no doubt have a lot to cram into this weeks podcast. But we still want to hear from you. Your questions provide us with a break from listening to a Scottish chap talk about Apple stuff. So help us out leave a question for us below and we’ll do our best to answer it for you.

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  • Moo Moo Head

    If Google had just had the Nexus devices and nothing else, no other manufactured devices, no extra skins, no Galaxy S series, would they be as dominant as Apple are with their sole devices and would it have better App support since all would be running the same OS version?

  • avendit

    Question on a different tack. My wife is looking for a replacement for her x10 mini, what is out there for her? She doesn’t want a low spec device, she wants a high spec small device, and is happy with the compromises that a small screen implies. We missed the xperia mini due to contracts, and now can’t workout what to get :(