Microsoft Surface RT: UK, US and European Pricing Revealed

Microsoft Surface RT: UK, US and European Pricing Revealed
Earlier today Microsoft posted the above info to their online store which appears show the pricing for the Surface RT Tablet with and without the touch cover.

Pricing starts at $499 for the entry level 32gb without a touch cover. If you want the touch cover its $599 and the 64gb with touch cover is $699.

These prices would translate roughly to around £370, £445 and £519 respectively based on the current exchange rate and 20% VAT. For comparison at time of writing the entry level Nexus 7 is £159  and the iPad is £329, although neither of those gets you 32gb of storage.

UPDATE 1: The Verge has also posted the following regarding european pricing

“Microsoft’s German online store is listing the Surface at €479 for 32GB without a Touch Cover cover, €579 with a cover, and €679 for a 64GB model with a Touch Cover”

UPDATE 2: UK Pricing has now been revealed too. This can be seen in the image at the top of the page. Microsoft is now accepting Pre-Orders

Links – MicrosoftThe Verge – The Next Web

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