Lookout Mobile Security for Android undergoes major update

Lookout Mobile Security for Android undergoes major update

Ok, so you have spent months looking forward to getting a new handset, weeks agonising over which OS, which handset and then even more time haggling with your network for a decent tariff. Finally your brand new device arrives and there it is looking all nice and shiny, just waiting for you to begin your download experience. Which leads to the question, what apps should I install first?

For me, there is one app that is a must. One app that trumps all others and is always the first that I download on a clean or new device. That app is Lookout .

A little while ago we at Coolsmartphone bought you an indepth review of Lookout however after a swift makeover and a polish there are some spanking new features to tell you about.

Lookout is an all in one mobile security app. Running on 400 different mobile networks across the globe and with 25 million users across 170 countries the reach and experience of the app is vast.

So what’s new?

Lookout has had a complete redesign and now uses the latest Android design conventions, new features have been also added.

Activity Feed

The activity feed is an intelligent dashboard which allows you to see your mobile activity and how Lookout protects you in one glance – this is in the form of a scrollable list that shows you exactly what activity has taken place and how Lookout has interacted with your handset.

Signal Flare

A lost device IS going to run out of battery – this innovative new feature automatically flags the location of your handset as your battery reaches 5% thus giving you the last location of your handset before the battery died.

Safe Dialler

Safe dialler checks numbers that you click to dial from your browser in order to ascertain how safe they are. Upon finding an unsafe number the user will be alerted.

As previously, all scanning is completed as a background process thus enabling you to carry on with whatever else you are doing.  A pop-up will appear to inform you of any vital information such as what permissions a recently installed app has that may require attention.  Other information appears in the notification bar.

Another feature of Lookout is safe browsing.  This checks each website that you visit for malware and informs you if the site you visit is unsafe.  This feature works with the standard Android browser.  Plans are afoot to make sure that it also works with the Chrome browser which is set to become the default browser for any handsets running Jellybean.

It would certainly appear that an already very good and highly rated app has been improved upon.  With its shiny new interface and excellent level of protection, in my opinion Lookout is a must have for every Android user.

Lookout is free to download from Google Play or use the QR code below.

Lookout Mobile Security for Android undergoes major update