Galaxy SIII Mini to be announced tomorrow

Galaxy SIII Mini to be announced tomorrow

My wife recently looked around for an upgrade. She loved the look of the SIII but said that the screen was just “a bit too big” and the iPhone 4S screen was “a bit too small” (and she didn’t want to pay the iPhone 5 asking price).

Today we’re hearing that the rumours of an “SIII Mini” are correct and that screen will be “juuuusssst right” at 4″ compared to the 4.8″ on the current SIII.

Samsung’s JK Shin has told iNews24 that there’s a demand in Europe for a slightly smaller version of the SIII which, despite the reduced screen, would maintain the same specs as the current SIII.

We’ll have more on this tomorrow.

Source – iNews24
Via – The Verge

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  • paddy

    leigh what does your wife want from a phone ?

    i have a iphone 5 for what i wanted it to do with my music /videos /apps this suits me due to my mac laptop and works laptop.

    but if i wasnt into music as much i might have gone for another device ..

    is she a heavy users on phones..?

  • Now this would really have made me think about buying the iphone 5 had it been announced a few weeks back!