Nexus 7 32GB shipped to customer by mistake

Nexus 7 32GB shipped to customer by mistake

Nexus 7 rumours, LG Nexus rumours, Key Lime Pie rumours… When are we going to get something tangable? Well, the waiting’s over for one lucky Japanese Nexus 7 owner. Upon booting up his shiney new Google tablet he found that it wasn’t the 16GB varient he’d ordered. Instead Asus had mistakenly boxed up an (as yet unannounced) Nexus 7 32GB in a 16GB retail package!

He then took a photo and popped it on Twitter so that the rest of us could turn green with envy!

Whilst this is still an unverified source, it seems pretty legitimate. Assuming so, we can also say that the only upgrade over the Nexus 7 8GB and 16GB is the memory, as there are no boasts of Android 4.2, a microSD card slot or an improved screen. So the last big question is price.

With the Kindle Fire HD barging its way into the market, pricing is going to be critical. Push it much higher than the £200 price-point and Google will stray away from the incredible value for money its revolutionary tablet has become famous for. Let’s not forget the other hot topic at the moment – what price is the rumoured iPad Mini going to weigh in at?

All I can say for certain is that there are going to be a lot of people who’ve just bought a Nexus 7 checking their available storage to see if they too have a golden 32GB ticket.

Source: oppese