[DEAL] Grab Forza Motorsport 4 for £12.95

Have you got an Xbox 360, but you haven’t got Forza 4 yet? Well, now may be the time to get a copy – the nearly 1-year old game is available from £12.95 from Zavvi. Although Forza Horizon *is* due for release shortly, I still think that Forza 4 will reign the king of driving games – well, simulation at least! As someone who has been playing the Collector’s Edition (don’t judge me) for the past year, I can heartily recommend this game for new and experienced gamers alike.

Forza Motorsport 4 is a driving simulation game by the guys at Turn 10, a Microsoft-owned game studio that developers the Forza series exclusively. You can choose from many different game modes and the online multiplayer is spectacular for a game of this type – I recommend Cat and Mouse mode for those of you looking to have a little fun – in fact, anything in the Playground will do! It’s worth mentioning that Forza Horizon should be coming out shortly, although it boasts a different style of gameplay (although it is going to use the same physics engine as Forza Motorsport 4, which is a definite plus) and is developed by Playground Games, not Turn 10.

I’ve done a quick check and I can’t find a trade-in site that offers a buy value of any higher than £10.00 – you may be able to get more for it on Ebay though if you that way inclined. Personally, after my experiences trying to get a HP TouchPad for £89 last year, I can’t stand it when people buy to trade in, but that’s just my two pence.

Source: Zavvi

Via: Caine2004 on HotUKDeals

Launch Trailer:

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