Google release underwater maps of coral reefs

Google release underwater maps of coral reefs

You may have noticed that maps have been in the news quite a lot recently. It seems that Google are enjoying the attention their main competitor is getting, and has decided to launch the latest addition to their navigation suite: Underwater Maps!

The first places to be mapped are six Barrier Reefs from Australia, the Philippines and Hawaii.

Now, this may not be the most useful bit of street view (?), unless you’re a turtle with a poor sense of direction, but nonetheless it’s an interesting waste of an hour or so pretending you’re Jacques Cousteau bobbing around in a big metal helmet and rubber suit.

OK, as you can tell I don’t know anything about diving, but I still enjoyed the novelty of the experience.

I don’t know if there are any real practical applications for this, but it makes you wonder where they’ll map next.

Did Google see the Apple Maps fiasco and release this as a strategic cheap shot, or was this always the planned release week? Hmmmm…

Play with Google underwater maps and see the video below.

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Underwater Maps