[Rumour] New Nexus to be a 5″ HTC phablet?

[Rumour] New Nexus to be a 5 HTC phablet?

There has been much speculation about the next Nexus device. Some saying that there will be several manufacturers all making different Nexuses (Nexi?), others saying that Samsung will just revamp the current Nexus for now. These could, of course, both be true.

However, GSMArena are now saying that they’ve had a tip-off that the next Nexus will be the HTC 5″ phablet that was doing the rounds in the rumour mill recently.

Some expected the HTC DIx to be launched at their New York press event last week, but only the new Windows 8X and 8S materialised. Could this be because the DIx is actually going to be the Nexus 5?

The rumour also goes on to say that it will be released with Android 4.1.2, which brings Project Butter improvements, extra lockscreen functionality, tweaks and bug fixes.

Normally a Nexus would come with a completely new version of Android, but because the Nexus 7 nabbed the honours with Jelly Bean, it’s unlikely we’ll see a jump to Key Lime Pie, which is believed to be the name reserved for Android 5.0.

Hardware wise, the rumoured specs of the HTC DIx certainly fit the bill for a new Nexus. If true we will see a 1080p full HD screen, a Snapdragon S4 processor, 64GB of internal storage and a 12MP camera.

One of the main criticisms of the current Samsung Galaxy Nexus is its poor camera, and the Nexus 7 doesn’t even have a main shooter, so packing 12MP would certainly go some way to answer those issues.

The more I think about this the tastier it sounds, but the big question is whether Google are ready to go back to HTC for their flagship device whilst Samsung are dominating the Android market?

Source: GSMArena

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  • Kam

    Bring it on I say, HTC make some of the best hardware in terms of design & specs. If this is going to happen then I’m going to hold off buying a Galaxy Note 2 till this bad boy is released.

    • Yeah. I agree. I was considering the Note ll or possisbley the S3. Then I saw rumours about the new HTC. I’m due for an upgrade end of November. Definately holding my breath!!!

  • Anonymous

    Would love to see another HTC Nexus. Fingers crossed it’s real.

  • Size isn’t everything you know :( What about a really good quality, well made 4″ device where the screen really does fit edge to edge. It doesn’t have to be made of metal like the new iPhone 5, just has to have a really nice quality feel. A 720p screen (367ppi) (1080 would be nice but overkill in a 4″ device). 16gig on board memory, 2gig for apps, sd slot. NFC, 4G. Really good quality 8mp camera, perhaps 12mp but quality over pixels please.
    Doesn’t have to be mega slim, slim enough to be no more than 120g, but fat enough to have a goodly sized battery. I am pretty sure more people would buy a 4″ device than a 5″ device.

    A 4″ screen has dimensions of 3.49″ × 1.96″, pretty sure they could squeeze that into a chassis 4.2″ x 2.1″ say 9mm deep, thats smaller than the HTC One V but with a bigger hi res screen. Or is that too much to ask?

    • Ronnie Whelan

      Sounds like you should apply at HTC R&D :)

      • haha, that would be a great job, designing and playing with tech all day :)
        Just a personal preference, having a transfrmer prime means not needing a hugeamungous phone

        • Ronnie Whelan

          Just heard that the Prime is getting Jelly Bean in Sweden as we speak. Shouldn’t be too long now for the UK…

          • Now that is some good news :) Cheered me right up after my rant on the iPhone 5 scratch story :)

  • animal

    Your grammar is atrocious!

    In one sentence alone, you made a number of mistakes: “the big question is whether Google ARE ready” – Really?

    and you end with “whilst Samsung ARE dominating the Android market” – Common, Twice in one sentence – REALLY?

    Didn’t you learn to use Microsoft Grammar checker in 1st grade?