Keep an eye on your loved ones – Guard My Angel

For those that are old enough, you might remember your parents telling you to “Give me three rings” when you get somewhere. Now it’s turned into “Give me a text” but, if you want even more peace of mind, try “Guard My Angel”.

They’ve sent us a video featuring a rather lovely lady an actress describing how the system works. It’s a bit like other tracking systems, but this only activates if you fail to “check in” at a pre-agreed time.

How does it work ? Well, imagine your child or loved one is going out somewhere. All they need to do is tell the system how long they’ll be out for. If they fail to hit the “I’m OK!” button within a pre-agreed time or if they hit the “SOS” button, the system will text, Facebook or mail your loved ones. It’ll send the location and – perhaps the best bit – it apparently doesn’t suck your battery dry.

The free app is available on Android and iPhone from the locations below.

Links – iTunesGoogle

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