Indie Showcase: Celesti

Here at TheCoolGamer, we want to showcase great work. That’s why we’re introducing the Indie Showcase – a chance for indie developers to get their games featured on our site.

Our first game is Celesti, a HTML5-based game by Ryan Davis. Celesti is a unique game where you use your mouse to deflect stars from crashing into a city. Along the way, you can collect bonuses, health crates and destroy spaceships. We love this game because it has a fantastic style of gameplay – it is like nothing we’ve ever seen before!

The game developer, Ryan Davis, writes:

I have been trying to pair my game concepts down to something more simple and somewhat minimal, which is actually quite challenging. Lately I have attempted to let physics behaviors determine my gameplay, much like a child playing with blocks or marbles creates games around the principles of physics (whether they are aware of this or not). I had been playing around with the idea of using stars in a game, and decided I could let them fly out of the sky using Construct’s physics engine and the basic goal would be to attempt to control them. Over the next few weeks, the rest of the game kind of made itself.

As the game is HTML5-based, it runs on the Mobile Web, iOS, in browser and on Facebook Canvas. You can play the game using the link below or visit the marketJS page – the author is looking for a publisher. Enjoy!

Play Celesti

Do you want your game to be featured in the Indie Showcase? Contact Jamie at [email protected].