Ask us a question for our podcast – Episode 15

It’s that time of the week again and we are preparing for our podcast, which we will record tonight and publish tomorrow.

Some of you may be glad to hear that this week is pretty much Apple free, there is a reason for that which will be revealed soon.

This week’s hot topics are Motorola and HTC. As usual we will attempt to answer your questions at some point during the podcast as well, so if you have a question then leave a comment below and we’ll try and answer it.

Give me metal!
Inductive charging - That wireless dream
  • How much of the mobile experience is basically built around social media…

    To what extent do you think that effective social media integration into the core operating systems of Android, WP8 and iOS can bring about a change in future market share for the OEMs?

    Arguably the native support in WP8, assuming that it is even better than WP7/7.5 should be enough to drive sales upward?

    …but people will have to use it to appreciate it, right? Starting from a low base this will be harder for WP OEMs.

    Does market share basically come down to colours and names on the box? I suspect it does, which is a shame.

  • Moo Moo Head

    What is your dream phone, taking bits from all the current top handsets and putting them together, just like your perfect garage of cars?
    I would probably have the Xperia T casing (with its Arc bend), the windows OS with the iOS app store, pure view 41mp camera and retina display for the iphone and quad core from the Samsung SIII?