HTC One X and One S prices are dropping

Recently we haven’t heard much from HTC apart from a few leaks of the upcoming Windows Phone devices and the new Desire. The One range is receiving less time in the limelight due to Samsung and their all conquering Galaxy SIII.

We did hear a while back that HTC planned to reduce prices to better compete with the Koreans. Well over at Expansys the beginnings of these price drops might have started already.

Today only Expansys have the HTC One X at £379.99 inc Vat for the White EU version of the One X

They also have the HTC One S at £314.99 inc Vat for the Ceramic Metal version.

Great deals if you want a decent device with a decent camera and a decent specification.

HTC One X and One S prices are droppingHTC One X and One S prices are dropping


Links – Expansys One XExpansys One S

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  • Rwoffenham

    Do they work as a phone? I bought the Sensation XE, and reception is absolutely useless outside large towns or via by Vodafone booster at home. Looking at XDA and other forums, this is a widespread problem, but I haven’t found a solution yet, and will not buy another HTC unless/until its fixed. Can anyone help please???

  • Simon C

    Put back the removable Battery, Micro SD Card and I might go back to HTC, their sense overlay was brilliant, I have a Samsung S3, but miss the beauty of HTC sense!