Get Olympics-style scrolling text messages

Get Olympics style scrolling text messages

We miss the Olympics. We miss the opening and closing ceremonies. Sure, we would’ve liked a longer set from Fat Boy Slim during the closing ceremony, but apart from that it was all good. During these ceremonies you may have seen a number of athletes displaying messages to loved ones with a scrolling LED-style app on their phones. The camera men loved zooming in on these, although strangely they mostly featured the female athletes 🙂

Anyhoo, there’s a number of these available and here’s a couple to get you going. For Android, try LED Text Free or Scrolling Text. Both seem to do the job well, although there’s a few more options on LED Text Free. I used one last night to send a message to my mate at the bar. Yeah, check me out, getting “no ice” in my drink without even having to get up. Radical dude. 🙂

While I’m here, if you’ve got a game or app you’d like to see covered, just the guys at TheCoolGamer a yell – just head over to the site and hit contact now 🙂