How-to: Run Black Mesa on a Mac [Updated]

Thanks to R. M. Hoffman, we now have a great guide for getting Black Mesa, the Half-Life mod, to run on your fruity computer. Follow the steps below…

Please Note: I’ve updated the guide with my experience in italics. Mileage may vary!


  • Wine or Winebottler
  • Play on Mac
  • Xquartz (bundled with Play on Mac)


1) Install Steam through Play on Mac. Open up the configuration to install DirectX drivers onto the virtual drive in PlayOnMac Note: Install Steam through the PlayOnMac “Find Program” interface, it installs all the Steam prerequisites that way

2) Assuming you’ve already downloaded the .zip package for BMS, unzip it and open the subsequent folder. Open BlackMes-Setup.exe with Wine. This is required as when attempting to open the file with Play on Mac it could not locate the utility files associated with the setup.

3) Go to Finder and open your user files (/Users/[YourUsername]). Go to PlayOnMac’s virtual drives -> drive -> drive_c -> Program Files -> Steam -> steamapps -> sourcemods. From there create a new folder titled “BMS” Note: As I created Steam in a separate virtual drive, I had to go to PlayOnMac’s virtual drives -> Steam -> drive_c -> Program  Files -> Steam etc. etc. I also had to log in to Steam before the steamapps folder appeared.

4) Go through the setup until you reach the point where it asks you to install the files to a specific folder. Install it to the folder you created earlier:

Z:/Users/[YourUsername]/PlayOnMac’s virtual drives/drive/drive_c/Program Files/Steam/steamapps/sourcemods/BMS

N.B. as I had to use a different drive, my path was Z:Users[YourUsername]LibraryPlayOnMacwineprefixSteamdrive_cProgram FilesSteamsteamappssourcemodsBMS

5) Complete the installation.

6) Open Steam and run the game, it will tell you to download Source SDK Base 2007. Once that’s installed, the fun begins!

Note: The HUD doesn’t work on my copy and the interface can freeze during the opening train ride for some reason. Other than that it’s been fine.

Guide based on this Reddit post, used with permission.