Android Game Review: Triple Town

Occasionally a game comes along that grabs hold of you and won’t let go. It makes you think “just one more go” or “i’m going to beat that high score this time.”

Football Manager (or Championship Manager as it was then) used to do it, tearing myself away was often difficult and so it seems to be now with Triple Town on Android.

The premise is simple. Place three objects the same next to each other to create a bigger better object. Place 3 of the bigger better objects next to each other to create an even better one and so on.

So, place 3 pieces of grass alongside each other and you get a bush, 3 bushes makes a tree, 3 trees makes a house, 3 houses makes a bigger house, 3 bigger houses makes a mansion and three mansions….well, I’ve never got that far!!

Seems simple but then add into the mix a the fact that you have rampaging teddy bears and jumping ninja bears that want to take up your valuable building space and it becomes a whole lot more difficult.

There are several different maps to choose from including one with a lake cunningly placed right in the middle.

Triple town also sets a number of targets to meet, from the number of points achieved through combinations to earning coins. The coins that you earn can be used to purchase a much needed item (ie if you have one space free and two trees together purchase yourself another tree and hey presto! Coins can also be bought via ingame purchase.

Triple Town is offered free but a there is a restriction on the number of turns you can make. This restriction can be removed via an in app purchase which then gives you unlimited turns forever.

Graphically this game is cute without being cartoony and it looks good on any size screen. I’ve tested it on a Nexus S, a Galaxy Nexus and and Nexus 7 and it looks great on all three devices.

In summary, Triple Town is a game that draws you in and keeps you wanting more. It can be played in bite-sized chunks or in a long session. The variety of 5 different maps will keep the user going for many an hour simply trying to beat the highest score and create the perfect town.

Triple Town is published by Spry Fox and is available free from Google Play.