GiffGaff making changes to Goodybag Data Bundles.

GiffGaff, the MVNO run by the same company who brought you O2, have announced a consultation period to give customers a chance to decide how the company changes its data bundles. GiffGaff says this is due to higher wholesale costs and that they are

“Re-visiting our Mobile Internet strategy so that we can remain a sustainable business whilst offering market leading value to our members”

The consultation will end on the 20th of September and there are 3 possible outcomes at this stage, they are.

  • Increase the price of the current £10 Goodybag to £13
  • Keep the £10 Goodybag but limit data to 750mb
  • Offer a £10 Goodybag with 750mb or a £13 Goodybag with unlimited data

These changes will then be implemented in November and 30 days notice will be given to customers.

Further changes are that GiffGaff intends to crack down on users who tether when using the unlimited data Goodybags. They intent to improve the tethering recognition and redirect users to a webpage when they are “caught” doing so. They will then be locked out of mobile date for 30 minutes.

It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out. GiffGaff says the majority of their customers use the £10 and £15 Goodybags and 80% of its users don’t use more than 750mb.

Giving customers the choice is the right way to go about this and I personally thing option 3 is the best as its a combo of 1 and 2 but please feel free to make your own decision.

The official presentation can be found in  the announcement/discussion thread on GiffGaffs forums