BES 10 will support all Blackberry, as well as Android & iOS devices

In a move that will hopefully provide a welcome break from the continual run of bad news RIM has been having, its announced that the forthcoming BES 10 version of its enterprise device management software will support all versions of its devices – that’s the QNX-based playbook and not-yet-released phones, as well as the current and older handsets. It will work in conjunction with existing BES 5 servers to provide functionality throughout the product line.


In addition, its mobile device management Fusion software should be subsumed into the BES platform, allowing admins to control iOS and android handsets.  One MDM platform to rule them all? Only time will tell whether that the company will still be operating – I have a feeling it will still be around, especially when curry’s is able to offer the 64gb playbook so cheaply at the moment.