A new dawn…

I’ve spent over a decade writing about phones now. However, in the last couple of years we’ve expanded the team here at Coolsmartphone quite significantly. We now have a fantastic weekly Podcast, opinion pieces and talented authors ready to pounce on news as it breaks.

But something needs to change.

Every day I’m swamped with emails about apps and games for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. If we included them all here you’d probably see the stories firing down the screen so fast that it would be impossible to keep up. We’ve also seen the Android-powered Ouya console smash their $950,000 goal on Kickstarter – they instead received $8,596,475 (£5.8 million) to help turn the $99 (£63) console into a real product.

Developers are key to the success of any mobile OS. I feel that they need more time in the limelight and a greater chance to shout about their apps, discuss and ask questions.

I’m really excited about this one. Soon we’ll be launching a new site dedicated to the latest apps, games and the developer community. TheCoolGamer.com is almost ready to launch, so head over to receive the launch announcement and we’ll keep you posted.