HTC Endeavour C2 specs leaked

HTC Endeavour C2 specs leaked

It looks like HTC are gearing up to release/announce an updated version of the One X. Tech magazine and website Stuff have a source who has given them some details on the Endeavour C2. (the picture above is a One X by the way)

Here are the key points from the leak.

Codename – HTC Endeavour C2.
1.7GHz quad-core processor
an improved battery
a new colour
bundled UrBeats earphones
compatible with the One X’s accessories
ClearVoice to improve call quality
HTC Watch 2
Around £5 more a month than the One X
expected to hit shelves on or before October 1st

So it looks like a hardware refresh similar to what they did with the Sensation. Hopefully they will release it with Jelly Bean and Sense 4.1.

Source – Stuff