UK Motorola Xoom receives an update

UK Motorola Xoom receives an updateWe mentioned earlier that some Motorola Xoom tablets were getting updated with Jelly Bean. In the meantime, we’re also hearing that Android 4.0.4 is being pushed onto other versions of the Xoom – mainly UK WiFI only versions by the looks of it.

Andrew Farquhar and John Bairner have emailed in after the update flashed up on their Xoom. Do let us know if the 4.0.4 update has appeared on yours – hopefully Jelly Bean will be next :)

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  • and my Xoom 2?

  • Billinge

    My Motorola Xoom wifi got the update last night. I can’t see too many differences so far to be honest, although it does appear a little quicker. What a shame that we’ve been waiting so long for ICS, and now Jelly Bean is out…

  • Too late. I got fed up of waiting, so GEDified mine a couple of weeks ago. I am now running Jelly Bean. :)

  • John Bairner

    New lock screen, Folder creation option , New Settings menu, New contacts , New
    Clean fonts, Quick launch apps + more can you tell the difference !!!

  • Anonymous

    i’m running team EOS jellybean on mine courtesy of xda – smooooooooth :-)