Planning a break? Keep an eye on your phone.

I’m just sitting back in the office chair after visiting the Olympic Games in London. It’s a spectacular event, filled with pride and happiness. Down in the London Underground things seemed to be coping well too and it was filled with tourists visiting the various events.

However, I noticed something whilst standing on a platform. The introduction of free WiFi meant that everyone was browsing on their phones. As I stood behind the yellow line I couldn’t help but spot iPhones and Android devices held out in a crowded and hot Tube station. I was one of them. For those wanting to, it would be all too easy to grab a device and run off.

Sure, it probably won’t happen – the security and policing was tight. But, even if you don’t have your phone taken, it’s easy to lose. Wearing shorts, I noticed how my own phone slipped out of my pocket easily when sat down. In the packed trains, when you’re planted face-deep in an armpit, you can easily lose track of your phone.

When that phone is gone, it’s gone. I know I’ve mentioned this before but it’s something we all like to ignore. Sure, I backup my photos to Dropbox, but the sheer amount of content on your phone is something that needs to be protected. Last month I tried out Mobile Device Manager, so I knew I was protected during my trip. You can Remote Wipe Android phones easily, so if you’re on a trip to London 2012 or you’re preparing for a holiday, stick it on your to-do list.