Casio announces two business/rugged based tablets

Yes the well known business/rugged genre for devices. The demographic for these new tablets is obviously going to be for the business man who could just flip out at any minute (due to his highly stressful job) and smash up his office and all the computing devices around.

In real life it will be more suited for delivery drivers, outdoors workers, builders, architects, sales reps this sort of tablet would be ideal.

Casio announces two business/rugged based tablets

Casio announces two business/rugged based tablets

Casio has announced two seemingly identical tablets that come with rugged cases, ip54 dust and splashproof ratings and a host of enterprise level security features. The tablets also have a few interesting accessories like hand straps and neck hangers. The tablets are named the V-T500-GE and the V-T500-E

Although the spec of the devices isn’t exactly bleeding edge, both tablets will have OMAP4460 1.5 GHz dual core processors, both will have 10.1″ LED backlit screens, NFC will be on board to help with user login via non contact ic cards, they will also have a Secure Access Module (SAM) slot for applications where even higher security is required. Both tablets will run Android 4.0.4. Amazingly Casio are saying that the tablets can withstand a drop from one meter, Casio have also mentioned that the tabs will have removable batteries.

So this all sounds pretty good, digging around the Casio website shows that it supports HSDPA as well, so this tablet will really suit the outdoors worker. Lets just hope they decide to introduce them into Europe.

Google Translate has done wonders in translating a page from Casio Japans website.

Enhanced design to demonstrate the high environmental resistance
The adoption of an elastomer plastic corner protection and impact-resistant frame structure, realized a 1.0m fall strength. In addition, in accordance with (IP54) ※ splash-proof form JIS, etc. corresponding to the operating temperature 50 ℃ -20 ~, including the outdoor and warehouses, was wearing the environmental performance that can be used comfortably in an environment different use.

Stamina designed to achieve long-term use

And low power consumption design allows the adoption of large-capacity 7,000 mAh lithium polymer battery about, achieve long-term operation ※ about 12 hours. Formula for replacing the battery, you can easily replace the battery user himself. By carrying a spare battery at all times, there is no worry about causing a cut around outside even in the battery, you can focus on business.

10.1-inch large-screen LCD with LED backlight

Equipped to outstanding visibility both indoors and outdoors, a 10.1-inch LCD high-brightness, wide viewing angle. The corresponding high-resolution display WXGA, you Konase to smart presentations and hospitality. In addition, to adopt LED backlight. Ambient light sensor detects the ambient light and shade, you can automatically adjust the brightness.

Body design with excellent hold

Adopt the shape of the body subjected to non-slip and dent on the back, with improved hold. Will contribute to reduce trouble and fall to work more efficiently.

Enhance the usability style

Corresponds to the style shawl style belt on hand by hand, by the neck strap. LCD cover is also available, ease of use in pursuing a wide range of scene. 

Stylish design

Achieve the slim size and lightweight bag that can be stored neatly. Carry along with the notes, move to conference rooms comfortable. Presentations on the go, you Konase smart.

Dual-input digitizer pen and touch

On the screen, capacitive touch panel is adopted that supports multi-finger action. Intuitive operation by the finger, no use of stress is possible. In addition, also supported by the digitizer pen input, handwriting input, such as sign smoothly. You can make an application to distinguish between pen input and finger input.

Casio announces two business/rugged based tablets Casio announces two business/rugged based tablets Casio announces two business/rugged based tablets

Source – CasioCasio (translated version) – Fareastgizmos