Alleged assembled ‘iPhone 5 pictures’ surface.

TheVerge have posted pictures of an alleged iPhone 5, courtesty of one of the suppliers, ILabFactory.

Alleged assembled iPhone 5 pictures surface.

iPhone 5 leaked picture

The device has all the features of the leaks we’ve seen previously, the centered FaceTime camera, the smaller dock connector, and the longer screen which will hopefully take it up to at least 4 inches.

There are several pictures of the device in the article here


What are your thoughts? Personlly I would prefer a new design rather than a riff on the old, yet still excellent iPhone 4 design.

Seems like the iPhone 5 may be another incremental upgrade..but hey, if it ain’t broke (and still selling like hotcakes) then don’t fix it!

Source – ILabFactory (down at time of posting) via TheVerge

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  • The_Prof

    Makes you wonder if this would be the iPhone 5 if Jobs was still around… Despite the fact that they are still selling like crazy, it makes you wonder if Apple has dropped the ball a bit. I sincerely hope there is something innovative under the covers (and I don’t mean iOS6.. very underwhelmed with that!)