Google Nexus 7 review – Introduction

It is now time for us at Coolsmartphone to review the Google / Asus Nexus 7 tablet. Over the years we have been sent devices for review, we have blagged devices from suppliers for review and heaven forbid we have even bought devices ourselves for review. With this device things were going to be different.

The other week during the Nexus 7 announcement one thing became clear. A lot of us were going to buy the Nexus. Which would possibly lead to confusion over the review. I decided we would all do the review and so was born the “group review”.

Today we will have several articles about the Nexus 7, we have got initial impressions (posted a few weeks ago, click here for details), hardware, design, performance, software, tips and tricks, recommended apps, hacking the nexus 7 (posted last week, click here for details), video comparisons to a few similar devices and then the conclusions. Each article will be published throughout the day. So stay tuned, lots to read today people, enjoy.