Would you buy a slide out QWERTY phone?

The rumour mill is quite often spinning rather quickly and last night I spotted something that could be great but could also just be another nail in the coffin.

Would you buy a slide out QWERTY phone?

What on earth am I on about? Well the other day T-Mobile US leaked a document that mentioned some new phones for later on in the year. On the list was a Blackberry and something called the HTC Era 42. That probably doesn’t mean much at the moment. But it doesn’t stop minds working overtime. In this case adding 2+2 and getting 14.

Well cast your minds back to the days of the T-Mobile G1, the original codename for the G1 was Era G1. So by all accounts an Era 42 has to be a nice new qwerty with a 4.2″ screen coming out in the US soon. Below is the leaked info from TMO News.

Would you buy a slide out QWERTY phone?

Obviously this is a bit of a vague lead, what my question is though, is whether or not people would still be interested in a HTC Desire Z successor? I know I would buy one but would the masses get it? The MyTouch 4g Slide which was basically a HTC Sensation with a slide out keyboard never made it to these shores, so whether or not this made up device would ever appear in the UK is another matter.

The other issue is with really clever soft keyboards like Swiftkey making typing so easy on a screen. Having a real keyboard almost seems like a step backwards.

Let us know below if you would get one.

Source – TMO News

Via – Android Community