HTC Desire HD upgrade scrapped – update 2 – It looks like the HD may actually get an upgrade

A few months ago HTC issued a list of devices and dates for the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade. There were a few surprises on the list including the HTC Desire HD. This news pleased quite a few people as they didn’t really expect HTC with their outstanding history of upgrading devices, to actually upgrade a device several generations behind.

Telus the US carrier have released an upgrade schedule of their own and on that list is the HTC Desire HD and it says “upgrade cancelled”. This is bad news for owners of the Desire HD, apparently the upgrade made the device unstable in testing.

No doubt lots of users who have hacked their device and are running custom ICS roms will disagree with this. Nothing official has come from HTC regarding this though, so it could just be a US thing, it could just be carrier specific.

If you are a Desire HD owner what are you going to do? Weep? Buy a Nexus device? Carry on with your life as before, as it’s only a phone? Let us know below in the comments.

As usual with issues like this further information surfaces. Over on Facebook someone asked HTC to comment on the situation and someone replied later on in the comments that HTC had emailed them saying that the update for the Desire HD would go ahead. As you can see from the comments HTC didn’t directly reply, they were just quoted. So the whole issue is still a bit cloudy.

In another twist to the story tonight Android Central have been in contact with HTC and have been told the following:

We remain committed to providing customers with the latest software updates when possible. As such, we are pleased to confirm we are still on schedule to deliver an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade for both the HTC Desire HD and Desire S.

Source – The Inquirer  – Android Central

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  • It’ll run custom ICS ROMs, but is Sense the real problem? The Desire (not HD) runs some ICS ROMs perfectly well, but couldn’t even handle Gingerbread with Sense. My friend has an HD, and I’ll be recommending CM9 for her, once it’s in final release.

  • DesireHD owner & lovin it!

    Perhaps this not such a bad thing!

    At least we’ll be saved from weeks, if not months, of forums being full of people moaning that their carrier has not made any required changes quickly enough before releasing it. And if that was to be the case, then my phone would probably be ready for upgrade by the time the update was rolling out.

    So all in all no change here – I still have a phone that works as well as the day I decided to buy it.

  • mark

    Maybe it’s time to move away from HTC and toward the nexus range of google supported phones

  • bob

    HTC one v and desire c both run ics and are the same or lower spec , if HTC pull ics for my  desire hd then that’sthe final nail in the coffin for me and HTC ,after 4 HTC win mob phones and 2 android I will be of to a nexus !

  • Shove2001

    The custom ROM’s are fine, but the main issue with the ICS ROMs for DHD is the camera drivers for Sense 4

  • noam

    I was going to keep my DHD and skip the upgrade but now after 9 htc phones it’s all over! Nexus or samsung from now on.

  • Matt

    HTC have confirmed that this HAS NOT been scrapped for the DHD.
    Telus have said THEY wont be rolling the update out for their carrier locked devices.

    Please can you update the article to carry the accurate facts.

  • Andrew Holding

    This sounds like the on-off-on saga that went with the original Desire update to Froyo. HTC were insistent that Froyo was “too big” for the desire, devs proved otherwise, HTC backtracked but the rom they released wasn’t a patch on the custom roms.

  • Anonymous

    @ Andrew Holding: You mean Gingerbread, Froyo was delivered without a hitch but otherwise agreed. That said, there’s wasn’t much wrong with it. Apps had to be removed to make way for Sense but they were never going to drop that and custom roms didn’t have Sense, so aren’t comparable.