Samsung & Google Join Forces To Combat Patent Ban.

Samsung & Google Join Forces To Combat Patent Ban.Google have declared that they are joining forces with Samsung in the patent wars.  Within hours of their appeal against the sales ban of the Galaxy Nexus handset in the US being turned down, Google have said that they, together with Samsung, are ready to release an OTA patch that they believe works around the disputed patent.

As the the software update is released Google plans to support Samsung in its appeal of the injunction as well as to challenge the universal search patent at issue in the case.  Google and Samsung are also expected to challenge the validity of the patent, seeking a re-examination by the US Patent and Trademark office.  They both believe that universal search pre-dates the Apple held patent.

Whilst the Galaxy Nexus is neither the highest selling or highest profile handset it is of great importance to Google as it is their “developer” handset which receives all of their OS releases first and in fact Android 4.1 Jellybean is due to be rolled out in the next couple of weeks.


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  • Adam Treier

    I love it. Apple has been avoiding going after Google directly but I guess they got a little too close to the bears den with the nexus.

  • android crying

    wish you android girls would stop crying about this…if they want to use the software pay the patent royalties not cry about it…

    android pays more than any other on each phone the sell so not new to them…

    its not stopping anyone using it as no patent can set a high rate for there product as it goes to the commission’s on fair use/monopoly rule…

    even apple pays to use stuff on there phone…

    time to get over it and more on android or better still invent something new others have to pay for….

  • Snitch

    Seems like the tide is turning against this nasty corporation (Apple). They’ve just had their collar felt in Italy over warranty and they’ve just had a major loss against HTC in the UK high court. Both these losses if upheld could cut deep into Apples margins as they stand or it could mean that their products will become more expensive. Either way its looking good for the consumer (in Europe anyway). More innovation not litigation leads to greater sales. At last the evil empire will fall!