Three Xperia S users receive Ice Cream Sandwich

Three Xperia S users receive Ice Cream Sandwich

Now, don’t mis-read that headline. There’s more than three people with the ICS / Android 4.0 update, we’re talking about the mobile network “Three”.

They’ve announced that their Xperia S customers can.. err.. “proactively download the Android Ice Cream Sandwich update”. What this basically means is that you have to check for the update yourself.

It’s delivered, say the network, via PC Companion only and you won’t get a pop-up on your phone. Yes, if you’ve not read this then you’re a bit stuck, so spread the word Three tell us that they’re the first network to offer the update to their Xperia S customers.

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  • While Jelly Bean is officially announced and around the corner, Sony’s flagship handset is just getting an update that should really be driving it from day zero (read: February). Moreover, the pace at which Sony is releasing ICS to Xperia S around the globe is dramatic. They have announced ICS update officially last week and not all devices have received it yet. I have SIM-free unit bought in Handtec UK and still out of luck with ICS update. List of “SI numbers” that already have been allowed ICS is published at – mine is not there and God knows how long I still should wait. With this trend users should expect Jelly Bean for Xperia update released sometime around 2015. Ridiculous.

    • Moo Moo Head

      Agreed this phone should have got ICS out of the box but it didn’t and now they are releasing it in stages, guess you are just unlucky. But for Sony, they are one of the best manufacturers around at the moment to release updates, I think only the Xperia Play is not going to be updated to ICS out of there recent line up, other manufacturers can not compete with that. ICS also took longer to upgrade as it was a big step up from Gingerbread, Jelly Bean is a more incremental update, although I would not expect my Arc to be updated also to 4.1. I think it will only be the 2012 Xperia phones.