Nexus 7 root achieved (already)

Yes, you read that right. The new Google Nexus 7 has been rooted, only two days after it was given to Google I/O attendees and around two weeks before the tablet is released to the general public. A user called ‘birdman’ on RootzWiki has posted a guide on how to root the tablet and although the original process wasn’t exactly the simplest set of root instructions, he has since released a custom Clockwork Mod recovery image to flash to the Nexus 7.

The custom CWM image can be found in the RootzWiki thread here, with the original process (for those who are curious) here. While you’re at it, why not have a look at our existing coverage for the Nexus 7?

What do you think about the device being rooted so quickly, or indeed about rooting in general? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • Snitch

    Its not out yet! why root it…stupid fool just wants publicity.

  • Adam Treier

    Gaining root level access for an official Google device shouldn’t be hard… up to date every device they had full control of had no barriers only safe gaurds so that you had to know what you are getting yourself into before doing it.

  • BigBottomEnd

    Nexus 7 has already achieved root (English use it correctly).