Face Unlock security gets tightened in Jelly Bean

Google has given the security of its Face Unlock feature a bit of careful consideration in the upcoming Android 4.1 Jelly Bean release of Android. The feature was introduced with the dawn of ICS as a way to unlock your phone through face recognition, but shortly after it’s release people discovered that the system could be tricked into unlocking the phone by using a photo of a person instead of them actually being present.

The Jelly Bean release has seen Google include a new feature called Liveness Check for Face Unlock. The added security comes because you are required to blink in order to unlock your device. The face recognition initially does it’s stuff and then you’re presented with a little request that you should “Blink now” and hey presto you’re into your phone!

This extra little security boost is not included by default, instead you will have to manually check a box in the security section of your devices settings. It’s worth keeping in mind that while this does improve the security of Face Unlock, there’s still the possibility that those crooks who’re really determined to get into your device could create a video of you or animate a GIF to mimic your blinking! Extreme, but plausible. Perhaps a passcode is better after all, just remember don’t make it the same as your banking pin!

I personally prefer the good old passcode because I’ve found Face Unlock slightly temperamental. But, what do you think about Face Unlock? Do you use it or is it pretty pointless and gimmicky? Let us know in the comments below!