Do you own a Nokia Lumia? You might want to sync with Zune this morning then.

Nokia have announced a load of new apps and updates for the Nokia Lumia 800 and 710. The update is available on Zune and the apps will be available on the Marketplace. As usual some markets may be delayed and some carriers may interfere, just because. But now is definitely a good time to sync with Zune.

This is not the Windows Phone 7.8 update though it is just an update from Nokia. Details of the update can be found at the link below.

Notable changes in the update are as follows:

Internet Sharing (Wi-Fi Hotspot)

Share your mobile internet connection over Wi-Fi with up to five client devices or computers.

Flip to silence

Silence incoming calls by flipping your phone face down.

New apps

After updating, your Nokia Lumia 800 or Nokia Lumia 710 will be ready to install exclusive new applications available in the Windows Phone Marketplace (Camera Extras, Counters, Contact share, and more).

Do you own a Nokia Lumia? You might want to sync with Zune this morning then.

So this update and the new apps should be pretty useful especially the Internet Sharing and the Counters app (which is a data tracker). I will cover these new apps a bit more in detail soon.

Source – Nokia

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  • Tightscot

    You might be jumping the gun a bit on this one, if you dig around a bit youy can see a release schedule for various countries. According to the UK page, the update is waiting for approval by mobile operators (all of them!)

    See here:

  • Dave Munro

    Because of this article I went ahead and tried to update – was a bit of a misleading story fro a UK site!

    • Dave Munro


  • Tightscot

    Looks like the rollout is now being approved – Nokia 710 on voda and Orange is ready now