Come and feel my Surface – Microsoft tablets are go

Come and feel my Surface   Microsoft tablets are goJust a few hours ago, as expected, Microsoft unveiled their own brand of tablets called “Surface”. They will be powered by Windows 8 and have 10.6″ (26.9cm) displays with built-in kickstands. They’re also built with magnesium cases, which Microsoft tell us are a first.

You’ll be able to buy an ARM and Intel powered Surface. The ARM-based variant measures in at 9.3mm thick and runs the Windows RT version of the new OS. An Intel-based Surface will run Windows 8 Pro and is slightly fatter.

Magnets are used to attach a range of covers to the tablets – these then act as trackpads and keyboards fast data entry. Hmm.. almost like netbooks…

There wasn’t much news on pricing or availability, although we do know that the ARM Surface (yes, I did just say that) will be available in 32GB or 64GB versions. Microsoft said they would cost around the same as “other tablets” with the same CPU. The Intel versions will be available with either 64GB or 128GB of storage and would be priced similar to “ultrabooks”.

Rumours are circulating that Google are prepping an own-brand tablet too, so the competition against the infamous iPad is hotting up. However, with Microsoft offering up their own tablet and effectively discounting the cost of the Windows 8 licence, it could annoy other manufacturers looking to create a Windows 8 tablet.

Check out the full specs here.

Link – Microsoft SurfaceSpecs

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  • If Microsoft had made the table available now with the Win8 Preview and the ability to update to the final version when it was available that would have been a real winner. I would have bought one!

    • Anonymous

      Do you think you’ll hold out for one?

      Leigh Geary

      • I’ll stick with Android tbh how ever I wish MS the best of luck just to wipe the smile off Apple…. MS unlike them have the key Enterprise market as long as they dont fumble the ball.

        • Stephen Murray

          I would quite like one. They may come in handy at work too, iPads simply wont run the software we use…whereas these would!

          • John

            i would rather has this than a android tab any day…. at least windows is trying to compete with apple and not just rip there ideas off and flood the market with cheap rubbish.

          • Thing is no matter what device they way to deploy enterprise stuff is thin apps. This could mean quick cross platform support…..

  • iPhone Fan

    Wow. I think it’s great. Finally a real contender to the iPad (depending on pricing though)

  • I really like this design, but I feel it will be way overpriced compared to the iPad. Most commentators have said they’re shocked at the direct competition Microsoft is going against its own vendors. I’m not really. The Xbox went toe to toe with PC gaming and the Zune MP3 player did the same whilst shafting devices that supported Microsoft’s own technology.