Google Nexus tablet snapped

On the whole, it’s safe to say that Android tablets haven’t done as well as the iPad. The Android “carpet bomb” approach just doesn’t seem to have worked all that well as far as tablets are concerned. Sure, the Galaxy Tab range has done fantastically well but Google need something more.

Back in March we started hearing about a Google Tablet – one that is branded “Google” … perhaps a “G Tablet” or a “Google Nexus” tablet.

Now an Asus-made Google Nexus device has popped up in some rather decent leaks from PhoneArena. They show the rumoured 7″ Tegra 3 slate with an all-new version of Android, 4.1.

Things are looking pretty decent so far, although there’s no really meaty details apart from a rumour of 1GB or RAM and what you see here.

Link – PhoneArena

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  • Doh!!

    I thought this was another drop test article indicating it’s vulnerability by someone who had liternally broken the Nexus tablet into two. LOL

  • John Green

    i think windows are going to be a player in this market as apple they are just going to make few models and work on the experience/software and not just flood a market with half thought plans like android do in tablets and phones…  

    • James

      im not sure on the windows front but i do agree that android need to be more streamlined and focused.

  • Martin

    Looks like a big S3!