Smart Stay – For any phone!

They say that “Imitation is the highest form of flattery”, based on that, the Galaxy S III should be pretty chuffed at the moment.

One clever fellow over at XDA has started work on a beta project for Smart Stay for any phone. If you aren’t aware of the SGS III feature, basically, before your screen times out it fires up the front facing camera, and has a look around. If it spots some eyes looking at it, the screen stays alive. Very clever, if like me, you spend a while reading long posts on the internet.

I have been using this all day now, with some pretty good results considering it is a beta! I have set my time out down to 15 sec just to make sure it was working…

Here are a couple of screen shots, though there isn’t much to see…it all happens behind the scenes.

Smart Stay   For any phone!Smart Stay   For any phone!

If you fancy a dabble, head over to the thread at XDA.

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