iOS 6 feature compatibility – what will work on your device?

Following yesterday’s story about iOS 6’s new turn-by-turn feature requiring an iPhone 4S, we’ve pulled together a handy run-down of which features will work on which iOS devices when iOS 6 is released in the autumn.

iPhone 4 iPhone 4S iPad 2 New iPad
Siri No Yes No Yes
Shared Photostream Yes Yes Yes Yes
Facetime over 3G No Yes No Yes
VIP Mail Yes Yes Yes Yes
Offline Reading List Yes Yes Yes Yes
Made for iPhone hearing aids No Yes No No

All of the features listed above are unavailable on the iPhone 3GS and original iPad.


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  • iPhone Fan

    I have no idea why but it seems that iOS 6 will not be available at all for the original iPad. Very disappointing.

    • Anonymous

      ..or the iPhone 3.. looks like fragmentation could be an issue going forward ?

      Leigh Geary

      • Nick Plain

        Yep, fragmentation is an issue I touched on in my story about the turn-by-turn navigation, and we’ve got a few more examples here. I guess it’s because the technology has moved on a fair bit since the original iPad and 3G, and the older devices would struggle – or just fail – to run iOS 6. Disappointing for owners of those devices, but understandable from Apple’s point of view.

      • sonicr360

        Disagree, the main thing to remember ,is that only certain features were shown at the WWDC, and of those “core” features, some wont be included. But the Main Operating System to run APPS is still there and will still function. The limitation could well be hardware. But thats the same for any Mobile Phone, like Android for example.

  • iPhone Fan

    The iPhone 3G is 4 years old now and doesn’t have iOS 5 so it was never going to have iOS 6. The iPad 1 is only 2 years old so very surprised it won’t be supported as it has the same chipset as the iPhone 4.

  • sonicr360

    Cannot see how this is caused Fragmentation, when the CORE iOS is the same revision, its just features that will be missing, which is not surprising as Android changes Core OS and features that are specific for certain phones.
    I am surprised iPad is not included, but I wonder if its due to the fact iPad 1 has no camera and very low memory.
    My feeling is, that one would assume the next iPhone comes in this fall, and 3GS, although supported, will remain in the pipeline but die off by June next year.