iOS Turn-by-turn will need the latest devices

As Apple announced yesterday at WWDC – see here for our overview – iOS 6 will feature a brand new Maps app, including turn-by-turn navigation. Great, and long awaited, news for the iOS community. But a footnote on Apple’s preview site informs us that the turn-by-turn feature, as well as Flyover mode, will only run on the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or later. So not such great news for owners of older iOS devices.

iOS Turn by turn will need the latest devices

Siri has been restricted to the latest iPhone since the 4S came out – is this a sign that older iOS devices will be further left behind by Apple?


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  • Anonymous

    I think it’s great that Apple provides updates to their devices for as long as they do.  Seems pretty obvious that older models might no be able to handle all the new features.

    The real question is, what will the iPhone 5 run that the 4S won’t ;-)

  • Chasalz

    Why not Siri fior ipad2? Makes no sense.

  • iPhone Fan

    Even though you won’t get all the features the 3GS will still get iOS 6. A phone which is 3 years old – how many 3 year old android devices have the latest software released by their manufacturer?

    • Ah but the difference was Apple sold products on the basis of none fragmentation and common user experience….

      • James

        i would love to know what android sell there products on … Christ not even half of android phones out there are on the new software and they are already talking about the next one… called wham bar..!!!!

        • I think thats the point – its accepted there is fragmentation…. 

      • iPhone Fan

        Fragmentation is inevitable as time goes on but it’s the speed of fragmentation with android that is the problem.The iPhone 1 and 3G are the only iPhones that cant get iOS 5 at the moment. As software becomes more advanced then the processing power of older devices are not going to keep up. There is no reason why android phones which are a year or so old can’t have OS updates but the manufacturers can’t be bothered.