Picture Special – Samsung Galaxy SIII – Pebble blue vs white

So, the Galaxy SIII. What’s your favourite colour? Well, don’t ask us. It’s not like we can just rustle up the Samsung Galaxy SIII in white and blue is it? I mean, next you’ll be wanting some up-close shots comparing both of them together. You’re kidding, right? These things are about £500 a piece and that blue one has only just arrived here in the UK – it’s really hard to get hold of.

Oh wait..

I forgot..

Actually we can perform miracles. 🙂

Here’s an exclusive gallery showing off the pebble blue and white version. That pebble blue one has a special finish and a polycarbonate shell which we’ve tried to show off in the shots below. Enjoy. 🙂

Which is better? There’s only one way to find out… fight !! 🙂

Link – UR-Mobile.com