A week with … the Samsung Galaxy SIII

So, this week I’ve got myself a Samsung Galaxy SIII. It’s been loaned to us from UR-Mobile and we’ll be giving you a daily dose of this hot new handset. Simply check back at 9.30 AM every day for the latest video.

I’ve had quite a bit of time to fiddle with the device and we’ll be going through the key features all this week.

First up, an overview of the Samsung Galaxy SIII and a comparison with my current phone-of-choice, the Samsung Galaxy SII. I’ve read quite a few reviews and previews which mention the “plastic feel” of the SIII so I wanted to address this below. Check out the video, crank up the quality to HD if you want to.

Don’t forget to check back all this week if you’re looking to get this handset and we’ll be giving you more information on the new Galaxy SIII. Dan is currently answering questions in our forum too.

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  • John Green

    why arent the back light buttons further up to the screen looks hard to press so close to the bottom ???

    • Anonymous

      It’s not as bad as it seems – checkout the video tomorrow for more. :)
      Leigh Geary

      • John Green

        i know its not a show stopper but just seems odd to me with all that spare space.

  • Andrew McCreath

    did I mention that I am properly jealous of you having the SIII despite being an iPhone fan ;)

  • Rose

    Can the s2 sound be used with s3

  • Rose

    Can the s2 sound horn be used with s3