Samsung Galaxy Note gets Ice Cream Sandwich in the UK

Yesterday the UK version of the Samsung Galaxy Note started to get the official Ice Cream Sandwich update. As usual with Samsung this is via Kies, their own device companion app. Beware though this update seems to be for the non network versions. Although I bought mine from Carphone Warehouse. So give it a go just in case.

As you can see below you get a very TouchWizy version of Ice Cream Sandwich. The same sort of thing was seen on the Samsung Galaxy S2 a while back. You can easily install a more stock feel launcher if needs be, like Nova or Apex.

Samsung have included updated versions of their own software such as S Memo and S Note. One thing I did notice is that selecting text is a lot easier now. Previously selecting text with the pen was very hit and miss. Now it works as you would expect.


If you are wondering whether or not Samsung have fixed the bug with these updates that can brick your device. Well no one seems to have a straight answer yet. The very fact that you know about it suggests you will know where to read up on it. If I am talking rubbish to you and you have never rooted your device and you never plan to root it then get out your usb cable and load up Kies. If you need Kies the link is below. If you have any questions or thoughts about the update process leave your question in the comments and I’ll get back to you.

Link – Samsung Kies Software