Android Still on the rise, Blackberry still on the drop.

A little while ago I posted regarding the loss of market share for Blackberry and how Android is gaining as the days and months go past.

Well, these figures have been confirmed once again as IDC have published their latest figures for Quarter 1 2012 showing shipments and market share.

Android Still on the rise, Blackberry still on the drop.Android once again has surged, gaining a massive 22.9% from Q1 2011 with a Q1 2012 market share of 59% – some 89 million handsets shipped carrying the Android OS.

iOS consolidated second place with 23% of the market, up from 18.3% from the same period last year, they shipped 35.1 million units, while Windows phone showed a slight drop from 2.6% to 2.2%.

RIM, makers of Blackberry managed to lose another 7.2% of the market, shipping only 9.7 million units compared to 13.8 million against the same quarter last year.

The biggest loser in terms of market share however was Symbian who dropped a massive 19.2% and showed a fall of 16 million shipped units, perhaps unsurprising following Nokia’s swap to Windows phone.

RIM will be hoping to reclaim some ground with the imminent launch of BBOS 10 whilst Android is set for another bumper time with the release of the Samsung Galaxy SIII. (Samsung accounted for a massive 45% of all Androids shipped in Q1 2012)

Meanwhile, the executives of Nokia and Microsoft will be sitting wondering what they have to do in order to make an impact on the top 2.