Not Running Mango? No Apps For You!!

Are you one of the many people who made the jump to Windows Phone?.  If you have an older phone still running Windows Phone 7 and have not yet upgraded to 7.5 (Mango) then you will soon have no more access to download applications via the Marketplace!.

Not Running Mango? No Apps For You!!

It has now been confirmed that only handsets running the latest OS, Mango, will have access to download applications from the Marketplace so if you are still running an older version and love your apps now might be the best time to plug your device into your computer and let Zune update the software for you…. it really is quite painless….. honest!

Link: Pocket Lint

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  • the_prof

    Wonder how long it’ll be before you have to reboot your phone every 2 days to install mandatory security updates ;)

    • John Molyneux

      You won’t have to do that.  It’ll automatically reboot for you, even if you’re in a call.