Samsung roll out the Conspirators

Samsung definitely have their foot on the gas at the moment. Not content with launching the sure-to-be-huge Galaxy SIII, they’re also making sure that the memory inside Samsung devices delivers the best performance. Now, if we’re honest, memory technology can be a little dull. Sure, the Samsung memory delivers better battery life, multitasking and processing speeds, but getting that message across is made easier with their three new characters.

Meet the “The Conspirators” – Battery Brutus, Fiona Freeze and Loading Ball Larry, who looks a bit like Leigh Francis’ Mel B creation 🙂 These characters will be popping up on the web to mess with your devices and promote Samsung memory and Samsung devices. The characters represent the issues most of us have with mobile devices – battery life just that bit short, possible crashes and frustration.

Here’s Battery Brutus preying on mobile users…

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