Vodafone Confirm SGSIII Pricing

Vodafone have updated their website with more information on the Samsung Galaxy SIII which is due on sale on the 29th May and you can now get your order in to make sure you are one of the first to get hands on it.

Also nice to see is 2GB internet included on certain plans, double the original 1GB which was on offer and a welcome addition for such a data heavy smartphone.

Here are the prices on 24 month contracts


Vodafone Confirm SGSIII Pricing
If that is too long, here is the pricing on 18 month contracts
Vodafone Confirm SGSIII Pricing
And if you want a much shorter option there is a 12 month contract available, with the following prices
Vodafone Confirm SGSIII Pricing
It is also worth remembering that Vodafone have exclusive rights on the 32GB model where pricing is different than stated above which is based on the 16GB model. Best bet is to check out the official page using the link below
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  • John

    prices are a bit step..!!!

  • Guest

    You can pre-order it at CPW free from the £31 package on 24 months.

  • S Voice looks pretty slick!

    • Patch

      seen some vides on it and it dosent work like siri on iphone even tho it looks a liitle bit like it…lol