Dear BBC. We would like to apologise. :)

We’ve got some hands-on video footage of the Samsung Galaxy SIII for you shortly, but I found this behind-the-scenes footage posted up by Rory Cellan-Jones from the BBC. There’s a small story about this because, as the curtain lifted and hundreds of journalists moved forward to get their hands on the all-new Galaxy SIII, I spotted Rory to my right holding an iPhone in his hands. I’ve bumped into him a few times at various events and he’s a thoroughly nice chap, so I said, “Hi Rory, how you doing?” He was getting pushed about in the crowd just as much as me, so he managed to say, “Fine yeah, it’s a bit mad” in return.

Ermm.. little did I know he was filming for the BBC at the time and, if you go to about 52 seconds in you’ll hear me saying hello and him responding.

Sorry about that Rory.. 🙂