Maxthon Browser: The Ultimate Android Customisation!


Android. You can customise it all the way to destruction and then a little bit further! But, you’ve installed your custom rom, you’ve got your own app courtesy of Andromo, you’ve spent hours working on your launcher so that every last icon is in the optimal position.

But, something’s still missing.

Then it hits you, you’re missing a custom browser. You can picture it; with your own title for the app, which appears just below your custom icon. The app loads with your own personal splash screen, which then boots into your custom theme! It’s perfect, but unattainable… until now!


If that somewhat strange vision is something you’ve always wanted, or if you’d rather just show off to your friends with a custom browser, then Maxthon has an answer. You can customise all of the things that were imagined in that dream above. Simply select your options, upload your pictures and after about five minutes you have your own browser. If you need to make your own browser now, click here!┬áIf not, someone in the office will undoubtedly show you their version soon!


Via AndroidAuthority