Samsung rule the world.. at the moment

Samsung rule the world.. at the moment

The Q1 financials for Samsung were much higher than even their own expectations, with 3.2 billion coming in the door. “Brisk” sales of the Galaxy Note and Samsung Galaxy SII pushed the strong growth through the ceiling, making Samsung the worlds largest maker of mobile phones and overtaking some company called Nokia, something we knew would happen.

Net profit was 2.8 billion for the quarter, which is 81% higher than the same period last year. There’s an Apple-like hype surrounding the Galaxy SIII launch on Thursday.

Link – Samsung Press Release

Another day, another Galaxy SIII rumour
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  • Hi there — I’m convinced this could be the impetus Apple needs to ship a low cost communications device to take a chunk from the feature phone market while growing its market share.  (More here: Do you think this is possible?

  • Apple rules the world now