Samsung to overtake Nokia in total sales

Nokia has traditionally been on top when it comes to total phones shipped but it looks as though Samsung is about to overtake them for the first time this quarter.

Lower end estimates are that Samsungs shipments stand at 85m and Nokia’s figures from earlier this week are 83m. This is a fine example of the recent fall of Nokia. The Finnish manufacturers problem for a while has been that Symbian has looked increasingly outdated when compared to Android and iOS.

The most indicitive graph from the Asymco report is this one

Samsung to overtake Nokia in total sales

That tiny yellow mark in the top right corner of the first graph is how sales of Nokia Windows Phone 7 devices are compared to the rest of their lineup. The other telling part of those graphs is that Samsungs Smartphone sales have almost reached parity with sales of feature phones whereas the majority of Nokia’s business is still feature phones.

Samsung has had a slew of successful devices recently, specifically the Galaxy range. Both the Original S and the SII were huge sellers and even the Galaxy Note seems to be doing steady business. Time will tell if Nokia is able to turn it around with the aggressive launch of the Lumia 900 but with Samsung expected to announce the Galaxy SIII any week now there is a good chance they’ll stay on top for a while.

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