Do you watch Internet TV?

If you just thought “yes” then you are the sort of person that SPB are after to help them with a survey. I know surveys can be boring and long winded but SPB the makers of SPB TV are obviously looking for ways to improve their current offering of Interent TV.

So far Internet TV hasn’t massively taken off because of poor quality streams, choice of channels, confusing interfaces or the app having so many different channels from different countries you just give up. A combined app along the lines of SKY+ mixed with catchup TV mixed with BBC iPlayer would be ideal. Hopefully SPB will do just this. They just need your input first.

SPB have sent us the following info about the survey….

Watching TV on mobile devices has already become a common trend. People enjoy the ability to take their favorite TV channels with them, in order to lighten a long waiting with amusing shows, stay updated with recent news and never to miss the expected match.

But are users satisfied with the mobile TV service they receive? How do their expectations from usability and the content vary depending on the device type, operating system and the environment? And what TV service is worth paying, in users’ judgment? SPB TV, the leading provider of technology solutions for mobile and IP TV, decided to discover a relevant consumer opinion by directly asking mobile users.

If you want to take part in the survey head over to the survey site here.

Several lucky, randomly selected, survey participants will be rewarded with valuable ‘thank you’ gifts. The 1st selected participant will get a smartphone or a tablet of his choice (within the limit of 1000 USD) from such major internet retailers as Amazon or eXpansys. The 2 nd and the 3 rd winner will receive 250 USD and 100 USD Amazon gift certificates, respectively.

The survey remains open until May, 15th 2012 8:00 PM GMT, with results to be disclosed by June, 5th 2012. All winners will be contacted with details on how to claim their prizes before June, 5th 2012

For further info about the survey please click here!