SkyDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive – FIGHT!

SkyDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive   FIGHT!For a time, previous users of Microsoft’s cloud storage service can upgrade to 25GB – free!

To previous users of SkyDrive can now upgrade their previous 2 gigabytes of free storage can clink on a link – yes, that’s right – and get another 23GB for free.  Good, eh?  (If you paid for the 25GB service, Microsoft will waive any more fees).

Microsoft themselves provide an app for iOS and Windows, but worry no more Android users – you’ll can come to the party too, thanks to this app!

Link – zdnet

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  • Gabriel

    Thanks for this. I thought it wal always 25GB free, but when were we going to get told about them reducing it to 7GB? However, the Windows app now makes this a superior service to Dropbox. And MS Office integration makes SkyDrive a winner.

    • Dale Wilks

      I’ve thought it was less than 7Gb, to begin with maybe, but then I moved on to Dropbox quite earlier into SkyDrive’s life, add I haven’t use it since then – but I did use it enough it qualify for the ’23Gb extra free’ jobbie, and maybe I will use it now!

  • Anonymous

    Skydrive has no official Android app so there is no fight.

    • Dale Wilks

      I think you’ll find I say nothing of the sort, my good man.   There is an app for using your SkyDrive, on Android (the link is in the story), so no – not ‘official’, but it works.

      And Microsoft want to provide a service much like one at Google and Dropbox, by giving some gigabytes away, to turn the heads of once-users of SkyDrive.

      So yes, the fight is pretty much on! ;)